EO Perth Board

Introducing our 2021/2022 Board. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the appropriate person directly.

Wayne Peel


The President, the true leader of leaders is responsible for setting the strategic direction, tone and leadership example for the Board.

Scott Mills

Membership Chair

The Membership Chair is responsible for promoting healthy growth through the addition of quality new members who add value to the chapter.  Actively seeking out referrals from current members, their network and the local community.

Russell Bailey

Integration Chair

The Integration Chair serves as the bridge between the members and their chapter, transitioning a brand new member to an engaged Chapter member, in their first 2 years of membership.

Catherine Leach

Engagement Chair

The Engagement Chair ensures members realise the value of their membership and find a high quality support network of like-minded leaders and continued learnings.

Gavin Parker

Forum Chair

The Forum Chair is responsible for building vitality and health within the Chapter’s Forums. Ensuring every member wishing to participate has access to the experience of Forum through training, placement and Moderator Management.

Deb Pitter

Learning Chair

The Learning Chair with the help of the Chapter Events Manager is responsible for scheduling, planning and coordinating learning and social events that provide chapter members with the tools to grow in both their business and personal live.

Jawid Dadarkar

Strategic Alliance Chair

The Strategic Alliance Chair is responsible for securing, developing and maintaining relationships between the Chapter and its strategic alliance partners.

Sarah Thomas

MyEO Chair

The MyEO Chair is responsible for driving the development of MyEO programming at the chapter level, and to increase member engagement through the MyEO platform.

Leigh McDonald

Finance Chair

The Finance Chair is responsible for planning and maintaining the Chapter’s financial path. With the collaboration of fellow Board members crafting a sound budget that is understood and adhered to by each chair involved.

Dane Balle

Accelerator Chair

The Accelerator Chair is responsible for recruiting and empowering entrepreneurs with the tools, community and accountability to aggressively grow and master their businesses.  Building a sustainable programme that produces graduates to EO.

Louise Rennie

Chapter Manager

The Chapter Manager is responsible for the operational management of the Chapter and general welfare of the membership.

Jessica Daniher

Events Manager

The Events Manager is responsible for the chapter monthly learning and social events.

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