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As Business Leaders we are all short on time, but every learning experience offered by EO Perth is full of key take homes for our members personal and business growth.  

Find a snapshot below :

Diversity and Inclusion

With Brant Garvey

A fantastic event to increase chapter connection, learn something new and appreciate what people with disabilities need to overcome. 

EO Members were inspired by Brant’s “Why Not” mindset and his message of persistence to overcome limiting beliefs.   The event highlighted the importance of non-verbal communication, and attendees gained a newfound appreciation for their health and the challenges faced by those with disabilities.  Brant’s empowering words encouraged everyone to set higher goals and break through barriers. 

people watching a speaker

Finding Patterns in the Chaos

With Hagai Segal

Was great to get a better understanding of what is happening in the world from a trusted source. 

Very insightful. 

Hagai Segal, renowned geopolitical expert, graced us with his insights on the tumultuous state of our world, dissecting the complexities of today’s political landscape and shedding light on the factors preventing large scale warfare that has marked our history. 


Celebrate Uncertainty

With John Sanei

Loads of take home value, could have listened to John for days, so much wisdom shared.

EO Perth bought John Sanei to Perth to prepare its leaders, decision-makers and high performing individuals for the future. In today’s rapidly evolving world, staying ahead is no longer about merely predicting trends – It’s about being bold enough to create them. 

Impact 4Q - Time for Control

With Sally Duxfield

What a great event. Well worth attending. Food was great, company was even better. 

Speaker was terrific. 

Sally  Duxfield took our audience on a journey through the intricate web of small habits and their profound impact on our lives. From the chemicals that drive our behaviors to the significance of lightbulbs, sleep routines, and everything in between, she shed light on the often-overlooked aspects of personal development.

Community and Connection

With OzHarvest & Ronni Kahn,

Great to engage the next generation in community service. Ronni was really inspiring and had some great stories to tell.

Members and their kids 12+ were invited to join us for a behind the scenes at PCEC, utilising their kitchens to pack some meals and listen to the truly inspirational story of their founder Ronni Kahn.

aerial photo of a group of people at an outdoor function

Overnight Adventure

Mystery destination event

An awesome event, loved the casual vibe, food, venue and star trekking was all so perfect.

To round off 2023 we took our members and their spouses on a mystery getaway, under the stars. Whether camping or glamping is your thing, there was something for everyone.

business people at a round table business function

Metronomics Workshop

with Shannon Susko 

Great way to spend the day thinking through strategy with my exec team.

It was an absolute treat to have Shannon Susko, seasoned CEO Coach, serial entrepreneur and author, creator of Metronomics walk EO Members and their teams through her process.

eo perth events

The Story of Crypto

Fireside with Ben Simpson l Collective Shift

There’s power in being in a room of business owners and just honestly telling your stories and asking your questions.

Ben Simpson, the driving force behind Collective Shift, took the EO Perth Chapter on an unforgettable entrepreneurial journey through the dynamic landscape of Australian FinTech! 

eo perth events - wallid ice bath

Awaken Your Senses

with Wallid Aboulnaga

It’s not often a 1 day event can make a life changing difference. Today was one of those and I am so grateful to have the EO community around me to not only share it, but to support each other during such an emotional experience. Simply amazing. 

Thank you to Walid for his guidance and expertise, as well as to all EO Perth Members, Accelerators and Sponsors who participated wholeheartedly.

Ice Bath Therapy: We pushed our boundaries by immersing ourselves in a chilly 950kgs of ice. It was a challenging yet incredibly rewarding experience that taught us the power of mental resilience and the ability to conquer our fears.

Shamanic Breathwork: Guided by Walid, we tapped into the healing potential of our breath. Through profound breathwork practices, we accessed deep inner wisdom and unlocked hidden potential within ourselves.


To Hell and Back

Fireside with Ben Cousins

Major appreciation to Ben Cousins for the in-depth insight, such a privilege.

Ben shared an insightful look at his journey from a teenage rising star to Brownlow medallist, playing in a premiership team. Ben peeled back the curtains to reveal what was happening behind the scenes and the immense amount of pressure he was feeling both from the public and his own self-imposed standards. He shared how these pressures led him to continuously feel like he needed an escape and the battles this led him to face. Ben talked fondly about how it was his return to a local football club that helped him start the process of rebuilding the life he is living now.

EO-Perth-Speed-Meet- 2023

EO Member Speed Meet

Getting to know your Chapter Old and New

 “The value in EO is the connections you make, and tonight I was able to make new connections with great new people”.

3by2 played host to an engaging evening that witnessed the creation of new connections among members. This event provided a wonderful opportunity for participants to partake in a 5 – 10-minute speed-meet sessions. The deliberate curation of these pairings aimed to cultivate meaningful interactions among members who may not have previously encountered each other in a significant manner.


The Story of SWEAT

Fireside with Tobi Pearce

“Phenomenal. Worth the entire membership for the year.”

“EO Fireside chats continue to be the most valuable learning experiences. “

On a brief yet impactful journey to Perth, Tobi brought an abundance of invaluable insights and shared profound experiences with the chapter. With no topic off-limits, Tobi fearlessly shared all aspects of his challenges and successes, leaving us enriched with invaluable lessons every step of the way.



With Brad Giles

“Great event, gave me valuable insight to the on-boarding process..”

A full house for the final event for the 22/23 Learning calendar.

Brad shared his vast knowledge and experience of Onboarding, passing on actionable items for members and their key executives to implement.


WA Current Economic Position

With Mark Barnaba

“Mark’s insights, particularly his optimism about Australia’s economy and some brilliant questions from the crowd. What a great role model to have given up his time so generously to us.”

An intimate lunch with Mark Barnaba provided a detailed update on the current economic position in Western Australia and the country. As well as commentary on Australia’s position compared to key global markets. Key takeaways for the EO Perth members:

  • Wage pressure and unemployment – how higher interest rates will help employers.
  • State of Housing in Western Australia and the Impacts of healthy population growth.
  • Future of Australian productivity and industries on the rise.
  • Australia’s relationship with key global players.

Up Close and Personal

Fireside with Trevor Eastwood

“A great afternoon with a great man in a wonderful and intimate setting.  Inspiring to hear the other side of someone I’ve known personally for so long and realise what he’s been able to achieve with a smile on his face the whole time.”

An intimate conversation with Trevor Eastwood looking at his personal business journey from graduate to Chairman of Wesfarmers and beyond. Set amongst Trevor’s amazing collection of classic cars a very unique member experience.

EO Perth 2023 Event Photo

Date Night - The Art and Science of Connection

With Jacqueline Hellyer

“Great event, so good to spend time with other members”

Some great learnings from this event around intimacy and connection.  Relationships shouldn’t be scheduled and organised but spontaneous.  Connection is critical and better connection leads to an improved relationship and better life.

EO Perth Executives Peer to Peer Mentorship Program

Simple Numbers Playbook

With Greg Crabtree

“Really enjoyed this seminar and more like this would be great, helps with business so much.”

Great presentation that simplifies the discussion around the impacts of inflationary pressure (and labour as a factor of it) and the resultant risks of margin squeeze for business owners. 

Zoe Coyle

Whole Hearted Leadership

With Zoe Coyle and Martin Beeche

“A leader is anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes and has the courage to develop that potential.” Brene Brown

A day spent exploring leadership and working to master tools to be an effective leader.  Understanding values, operating with empathy and learning how leadership works in personal, family and business life.

Chris Barton - Shazam

Disrupt your Thinking to Supercharge Innovation

Fireside with Shazam’s Chris Barton

The fascinating story of an ap we all use and some game changing takeaways 

to apply to my own business.

Chris openly shared his insights into the five ways of thinking that lead to game-changing innovation that we now all take for granted. Drawing on first hand stories of creating Shazam as well as lessons from his experiences at Google and Dropbox.

Paul O'Farrell

The Value of an Advisory Boards

With Paul O’Farrell

Great overview, clear and concise, I found the session extremely beneficial.

Paul O’Farrell, MD of Quadrant Advisory talked us through everything there is to know about Advisory Boards, when to have them, where to find them and who to set them up. How to identify which external expertise will add value and being clear on your goal from the start.

Board at Gala

Metamorphosis I Annual Gala Night

Annual Social Event

One of the best events we’ve have ever experienced, inside or outside EO.  Well done Everyone.

Great connections, good Food, beautiful decor

What can we say about Gala Night, the biggest event on the EO Perth social calendar and this years theme was Metamorphosis to tie in with the years learning theme. Evolve your thinking, challenge your bias and change your life. Black with a splash of colour or all out colour.

Board at Gala

AGM I Freedom is an Attitude

With  Steve McGown

What a phenomenal story and keynote. His experiences and lessons are second to none. What an honour it was for our chapter to have him share his stories. Truly Inspirational.

Up close and personal with Steve McGown the longest held surviving prisoner of Al-Qaeda. 

In 2011, Steve, a tourist on a motorcycle, was abducted in North Africa, Mali.  He was taken beyond his will far into the Saharan desert for the following 6 years to be either negotiated out of captivity or executed. With no contact with his family or the outside world, he had to take control of himself, step up and adapt mentally and physically.a

Glen B

Principles Vs Premiership

With  Glen Bartlett

You only have one reputation, never deviate from your values.

Safe to say Glen Bartlett speaks from a solid foundation of experience that culture plays a strong role in the success of not only sporting clubs but in business too. The importance of having strong personal values and clear values for your business is key. ” The best excuse is NO excuse” 

Basil Zempilas - Compressed

The Vision for Perth

With  Basil Zempilas

Great event. What an incredible amount of passion Basil has and Jim was a great interviewer. 

With great passion Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas outlined his road from sports media to possibly the most passionate man in the Perth CBD.  With great pride he shared the exciting developments and progress happening for Perth and his vision for how to truly bring Perth to life, whilst touching on some of the issues that the city still faces and how he hopes to turn them from challenges to opportunities.

EO Perth Event - The Journey Within l David Bartholomeusz

The Journey Within

With David Bartholomeusz

Just a fantastic session with a totally unexplainable experience – brilliant!

A direct encounter with, and resources to support, trance state exploration in the waking and sleeping state, and a forum to share with others as you explore what’s possible in your own life. A really excellent and remarkable session. An immersive and confronting experience that revealed self discovery in a very different way.

Upcoming Events at EO Perth

The Magic of Entrepreneurism

With Vinh Giang

Well done to all involved. Great effort and excellent exhibition of what sets EO apart from any other business & personal development organisations.

Probably one of the best events of my life. Lots of amazing content and excellent entertainment.

There are common threads between the worlds of business and magic. Timing, Practice, Skills, Connection ., Persuasion, Perspective and Influence. Who knew the mesmerizing mysterious art form that is Magic could compel us to shift perspectives to  find the solutions that set success in motion. But that’s what Vinh taught us, an amazing turnout and a once in a lifetime experience for our members and spouses.

EO Perth Event Banner

Rites of Passage

With Dr Arne Rubenstein

“Concept was unreal, perfect fit for EO.  Arne seemed like an inspiring human”

Two sessions, one business focused for our members and their business partners and one family focused for member families including kids 12+.  Practical, interactive sessions backed up by theory, around communicating with our staff and growing kids through the difficult teenage years. We learnt to share personal stories rather than lecture, listen more and do activities we both enjoy together to stay connected. Some great exercises were learnt on the day.


Media Training

With Sandra Di Girolamo – Thinkbox Media

“Great short impactful learning session”

An excellent lesson in dealing with media, journalists and the camera. The pre-planned scenarios which were workshopped in front of the lens were a brilliant takeaway, along with learning how to deliver the right message, & the perfect “grab”.

EO Perth Event - Optimising Performance Mindset With Adam Selwood

Optimising Performance Mindset

With Adam Selwood

“Excellent humble speaker with solid take home value”

An excellent presentation at the Eagles home training ground while the current team went through their paces in the background.  Adam is an amazing human who shared some great lessons learnt.  Remember comfort kills ambition, success is not an accident its a choice and always take time to reflect on past performance.

EO Perth Event - Property Forecast With Gavin Hegney and Jim Tsagalis

Property Forecast

With Gavin Hegney and Jim Tsagalis

“2 smart subject matter experts, thank you.” “That presentation was a gift to us – Appreciated”

When its local property information you need, residential and commercial, its these two experts you need.  A well timed session, with a great casual vibe to help us navigate the real estate market coming our way.

Like-minded leaders - Entrepreneurs’ Organisation Perth

Chapter Retreat 2022

Albany, Western Australia

“Thank you so much for all the wonderful conversations, variety of delicious food and activities.”

Thank you to everyone, members and spouses, who made the Chapter Retreat such a success.  

There was an amazing race, that got very competitive – who would have thought….

Some fine dinning, regional food and wine at its best.

We covered, purfume, cattle, botanical cannibis distilling, national park regeneration, brewing, oysters, yoga, gong therapy. coffee and so much more…

Entrepreneurs’ Organisation Perth Guest Speaker

Coaching 101

With Rod Sinclair

‘Awesome event and a prime example of the talent and genius that sits in our own city’

In early February, Rod Sinclair shared his coaching skills with a great turnout from the Chapter and our SLP Forum.

Those who attended experienced Rod’s live coaching demonstration and got the chance to be part of an inter-forum coaching experience themselves.  

Perth business owners at an EO Perth event

Founders Fireside

URBNSURF With Andrew Ross

“Awesome Event, left me energised and inspired”

Last December we had breakfast with URBNSURF Founder Andrew Ross @ Coast in Port Beach. Andrew took us around the world and into the industries he has worked in sharing some of the extreme business practices he encountered and the great lessons he learned in each place on his journey to become the first surf park developer and operator.


Think Outside the Box

with ThinkBox Media’s Sandra Di Girolamo

“That was a fantastic event. so many practical learning tools. I learned a lot. Sandra is a weapon.”

The workshop to prepare you for the the worst possible scenario you can imagine happening in your own business. 

A crisis. 

Think about it as we walk you through how to communicate & appear to be in control of difficult, damaging or even disastrous situations.

EO Perth - Bunnings
Bunnings Warehouse - EO Perth

Founders Fireside

Bunnings with Gavin Bunning

“Awesome to hear from a successful leader in an iconic family business.”

“Fireside Chats are the best at EO”

Everyone knows Bunnings , but this fireside lunch is an opportunity to get the full inside story of one of WA’s biggest family business success stories. A start-up, public float, take-over and corporate success story all in one. A session not to be missed.

EO Perth members clapping

Shaken Not Stirred

Gala Night 2022

“Another amazing event. Thank You. Loved the show at dinner.”

“Brilliant on all fronts. Thank you for putting in so much effort. Sincerely fantastic.”

Great event, I think you could feel the relief (from being able to enjoy an in-person event) and engagement (able to meet new people and catchup with old) in the room bringing the entire chapter together in a formal event.

Johann Hari - Guest Speaker at Entrepreneurs’ Organisation Perth

Connection Vs Depression

with Johann Hari

“Awesome Session, great takeaways.”

Depression and anxiety are now at epidemic levels. Why?

Across the world, scientists have uncovered evidence for nine different causes. Some are in our biology – but most are in the way we are living today.

Mental health, depression & isolation affects at least one person in all our lives. Johanna Hari, a UK based best selling author and “20 million views TEDx-er” will have you understand it more, see it differently give you the gift to help yourself or someone close to you to navigate it more powerfully.

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