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Tap into EO’s extensive portfolio of transformational educational opportunities, and make enduring connections at our world-class events.

EO members gain extraordinary value by making life-enhancing connections and learning alongside other thought leaders. Choose in-person or virtual events for peer-to-peer learning, to gain access to experts or to level-up through world-class executive education at leading business schools. Grow beyond your personal limits and step into a world of infinite possibilities.

On Demand Events

GLC Momentum 2021

GLCx Momentum 2021 is the catalyst you need to build momentum and grow beyond your personal limits.

EO Powerhouse Speaker Series

The EO Powerhouse Series is designed to give exclusive access to though leaders and change-makers across various industries.

EO Summer School 2021

The EO Summer School program (12 – 30 July 2021) is in place to LEARN new things from expert instructors, ENGAGE with your fellow EOers and GROW in your understanding.

On Demand Events Courses

Revitalising your Well-Being and Success

Energising and Scaling Up Your Enterprise

Becoming a Game Changing Leader


Strengthening your Marketing Strategy


Communicating with Impact and Influence


A Fresh Start