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Next Generation

Participation in the EO Next Gen Program is exclusive to the son’s and daughter’s of EO and YPO members.

  • The Next Gen Program is designed for Son’s and Daughter’s (18+ years) of EO that are wanting to learn a bit more about themselves in a Forum based environment.

  • This program will provide them the essential foundations to set themselves up for success.

  • Each participant will be Forum Trained and allocated a Forum Group, moderated by a local EO Chapter member.

  • Access to a network of like-minded people and EO Members, chapter learning events and Accelerator Learning Days.

  • Imagine if your sons or daughters were exposed to the foundations of EO? 

    The Next Gen Program is designed to empower and provide the life tools required to succeed.  Work to your strengths and learn from those around you by sharing life experiences and challenges.

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