EO Perth Members

 EO Perth started in 1996 .  25 years on it has 80+ members who come from a range of industries from construction through to retail.  Our members share their journeys with you below.  

Because of EO…..

Marquis Pohla Entrepreneurs’ Organisation Perth

Marquis Pohla l Metrix Consulting

EO has played a significant role in my growth journey, but I am especially thankful for the growth I have experience in my personal life.  I joined EO two months after my first child was born, a time when I was very much finding my way in terms of how to balance my new responsibilities at home with a fast-growing business requiring a lot of travel.  My forum played a pivotal role in helping me navigate through this successfully and continuously challenge me to be the best partner and father I can be now to my three kids.  

Member since 2015

Catherine Leach - Entrepreneurs’ Organisation Perth

Catherine Leach l Leach Legal

EO provides a tribe, a board, a university, a support network and a business network. It has been life changing for me. It was valuable in the good times, but priceless in the bad times. The culture of continual learning and growing, support and positivity have impacted me, my business, my family and my friends for the better.

Member since 2013

Jim Tsagalis l Lease Equity

In my business life I have a global network and own 5 different businesses. EO has given me an unparalleled peer group network to share experiences and grow without judgement. We do not have a board or any advisors, EO fills the gap. The forum experience is unique and conducting, at it’s core it’s about trust, respect and being able to have a reliable , caring network sharing experiences. The chapter and global learning are beyond my expectations and lead me to constantly reassess my life goals and improve myself, family and business.

Member since 2014

Wayne Peel - Entrepreneurs’ Organisation Perth

Wayne Peel l Engenium

EO to me is a group of like minded entrepreneurial business owners, with whom I connect and trust.  Through their experiences, networks and encouragement, I have been able to scale my business nationally, while at the same time grow personally as a father and husband. I have a thirst for learning and the local and global events that I have been able to attend have been enlightening and truly unique.  

                                                                                                                                                           Member since 2017