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 EO Perth started in 1996 .  20+ years on it has 90+ members who come from a range of industries from construction through to retail.  

Our members share their journeys and hi-lights with you below.  

EO Member Hi-lights

Anthony Kinder

Getting access to Lance Armstrong to ask questions at a member only EO Event in Austin, Texas.

Anthony Kinder l Wilson & Hart

Lene Sjobrend

The Support of your Forum, when you really need them.

Lene Sjobrend l Swan Group

Gavin Parker

The series of Forum Retreats over the last 3 years.  Aligned and truly special.

Gavin Parker l Sun Industries

Leigh McDonald

Listening to David Whyte at an EO University in NY, you could have heard a pin drop in the room of over 200 people.

Leigh McDonald l Leap Consulting

Deb Pitter is the President of Entrepreneurs’ Organisation Perth

Launching the Chapter NextGen Program for 18+ sons and daughters of EO Members, so they can share in all that EO has to offer.

Deb Pitter l Hire Society

EO Perth Board Member - Justin Boelen

Too many to name – but as a whole.  The Chapter members, staff and families.  Very special people.

Justin Boelen l ACORPP

Russell Bailey

Being accepted to attend the Entrepreneurial Masters Program (EMP).

Russel Bailey l Little Aussie Directories

Jason Skodt

The overnight surprise retreat was very cool.  Different and Original.

Jason Skodt l Perth Solar Force

Member Focus

Eamon Sullivan

1 Member Focus - Eamon Sullivan

Tell us a bit about your  business….?  I’m a mixed bag. One foot in hospitality (Bib & Tucker and Goody Two’s) and one
foot in Glazing (Rockingham Glass and Wanneroo Glass). 


Bib & Tucker is elevated modern Australian food overlooking the ocean in North Fremantle, where as Goody Two’s is a cheeky underground Japanese inspired cocktail and whisky bar which has a pumping dancefloor every Friday & Saturday.

What do you gain from being part of the EO Community? Diversified experience from so many different industries is what I find best for me. I am not an expert in ANYTHING! But I love learning from other people and taking little bits and pieces that I can apply to my industries to improve. I love how passionate everyone is about improving, rather that just staying stagnant.


What do you love most about being an entrepreneur? Designing the life that works for me and being in control of my future.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as an entrepreneur and how did you overcome this? Failing
business over the years… I overcame this by working on numerous strategies (with my forums and with consultants) and figuring out what was salvagable and what needed to go… It was a mix of getting the business efficient enough to sell, or efficient enough to get back to profit than focus on rebuilding. You can’t build a skyscraper on shaky ground, so getting the fundamentals right and going back to basics when I was overwhelmed has been important to me. And acknowledging my limits an what I can handle as one person.


What advice would you give your 20 year old self ? Keep making mistakes and learning…. 

Brad Stinson

1Member Focus - Brad Stinson

Tell us a bit about your  business….?  Stinson Air and Solar, our main business that we founded in 1995 is involved in the design and supply of air conditioning, roof top solar and battery storage to new home builds, established homes and light commercial projects.  We have offices in Osborne Park and Vasse in the South West.

What do you gain from being part of the EO Community? Better business leader, a better husband, better dad, better mate, better son, better community member. It helps me to be a better me.

What do you love most about being an entrepreneur? The journey towards financial freedom, and the choices that that then provides and in turn the fun that I can create with my family and friends as well as the impact that it allows me to assist in giving back to my community and other communities also.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as an entrepreneur and how did you overcome this? Not 1 big one but 1000s of smaller ones, I overcome them by surrounding myself with amazing people, having a growth mindset and never, ever, ever giving up.

What advice would you give your 20 year old self ? Join EO now – you just started your business, don’t wait another 18 years!

Because of EO...

Paley Ho

EO Perth Member - Paley Ho


Joining EO has opened up a new world of shared learning experiences, whether through learning events, forum or just the community in general. 

For me, it’s always hard knowing which direction to take a business and learning from others who have had experiences in different stages of life, certainly helps open perspectives. 

I joined to learn and help improve the business, although it has done that, what I learnt also helped me develop into a better father and husband.”

Jawid Dadarkar

EO Perth Member - Jawid Dadarkar


 I have found that EO has improved all aspects of my life, personal, business, and family. I have learnt so much about myself and how to go about making my life better in all aspects.

 The value it delivers is way beyond what it costs to be a member. The EO authenticity is like no other business group I have ever come across in my life. 

The forum members add so much value to your wellbeing. I would highly recommend any business owner to be a part of EO framework to increase their productivity output of their life.


Kohen Grogan

EO Perth Member - Kohen Grogan

Yappy Group

EO in one word. “Transformational”. I have a lot to thank EO for including meeting my now wife, meeting my Mentor Warren Rustand and forming lifelong friends based on trust with my forum buddies. 

Doors can well and truly open through EO if that is what you’re after. As I venture into North America and other Global markets with Yappy, EO has been a big help. 

We have a great chapter here in Perth and if you’re looking to transform and become better in any aspect of your life this is the organisation for you. Don’t think about it. Do it!

Marquis Pohla

Marquis Pohla Entrepreneurs’ Organisation Perth

Metrix Consulting

EO has played a significant role in my growth journey, but I am especially thankful for the growth I have experience in my personal life.  

I joined EO two months after my first child was born, a time when I was very much finding my way in terms of how to balance my new responsibilities at home with a fast-growing business requiring a lot of travel.  

My forum played a pivotal role in helping me navigate through this successfully and continuously challenge me to be the best partner and father I can be now to my three kids.  

Member Since 2015

Catherine Leach

Catherine Leach - Entrepreneurs’ Organisation Perth

Leach Legal

EO provides a tribe, a board, a university, a support network and a business network. It has been life changing for me. 

It was valuable in the good times, but priceless in the bad times. The culture of continual learning and growing, support and positivity have impacted me, my business, my family and my friends for the better. 

Member since 2013

Jim Tsagalis

EO Perth Member - Jim Tsagalis

Lease Equity

In my business life I have a global network and own 5 different businesses. EO has given me an unparalleled peer group network to share experiences and grow without judgement. We do not have a board or any advisors, EO fills the gap. 

The forum experience is unique and conducting, at it’s core it’s about trust, respect and being able to have a reliable , caring network sharing experiences. The chapter and global learning are beyond my expectations and lead me to constantly reassess my life goals and improve myself, family and business. 

Member since 2014

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