Events Wraps

A reminder of everything you’ve already done and a reminder not to miss anymore…

Media Training

With Sandra Di Girolamo – Thinkbox Media

“Great short impactful learning session”

An excellent lesson in dealing with media, journalists and the camera. The pre-planned scenarios which were workshopped in front of the lens were a brilliant takeaway, along with learning how to deliver the right message, & the perfect “grab”.

Optimising Performance Mindset

With Adam Selwood

“Excellent humble speaker with solid take home value”

An excellent presentation at the Eagles home training ground while the current team went through their paces in the background.  Adam is an amazing human who shared some great lessons learnt.  Remember comfort kills ambition, success is not an accident its a choice and always take time to reflect on past performance.

Property Forecast

With Gavin Hegney and Jim Tsagalis

“2 smart subject matter experts, thank you.” “That presentation was a gift to us – Appreciated”

When its local property information you need, residential and commercial, its these two experts you need.  A well timed session, with a great casual vibe to help us navigate the real estate market coming our way.

retreat shot

Chapter Retreat 2022

Albany, Western Australia

“Thank you so much for all the wonderful conversations, variety of delicious food and activities.”

Thank you to everyone, members and spouses, who made the Chapter Retreat such a success.  

There was an amazing race, that got very competitive – who would have thought….

Some fine dinning, regional food and wine at its best.

We covered, purfume, cattle, botanical cannibis distilling, national park regeneration, brewing, oysters, yoga, gong therapy. coffee and so much more…

Coaching 101

With Rod Sinclair

‘Awesome event and a prime example of the talent and genius that sits in our own city’

In early February, Rod Sinclair shared his coaching skills with a great turnout from the Chapter and our SLP Forum.

Those who attended experienced Rod’s live coaching demonstration and got the chance to be part of an inter-forum coaching experience themselves.  

Founders Fireside

URBNSURF With Andrew Ross

“Awesome Event, left me energised and inspired”

Last December we had breakfast with URBNSURF Founder Andrew Ross @ Coast in Port Beach. Andrew took us around the world and into the industries he has worked in sharing some of the extreme business practices he encountered and the great lessons he learned in each place on his journey to become the first surf park developer and operator.

Think Outside the Box

with ThinkBox Media’s Sandra Di Girolamo

“That was a fantastic event. so many practical learning tools. I learned a lot. Sandra is a weapon.”

The workshop to prepare you for the the worst possible scenario you can imagine happening in your own business. 

A crisis. 

Think about it as we walk you through how to communicate & appear to be in control of difficult, damaging or even disastrous situations.

Founders Fireside

Bunnings with Gavin Bunning

“Awesome to hear from a successful leader in an iconic family business.”

“Fireside Chats are the best at EO”

Everyone knows Bunnings , but this fireside lunch is an opportunity to get the full inside story of one of WA’s biggest family business success stories. A start-up, public float, take-over and corporate success story all in one. A session not to be missed.

Shaken Not Stirred

Gala Night 2022

“Another amazing event. Thank You. Loved the show at dinner.”

“Brilliant on all fronts. Thank you for putting in so much effort. Sincerely fantastic.”

Great event, I think you could feel the relief (from being able to enjoy an in-person event) and engagement (able to meet new people and catchup with old) in the room bringing the entire chapter together in a formal event.

Connection Vs Depression

with Johann Hari

“Awesome Session, great takeaways.”

Depression and anxiety are now at epidemic levels. Why?

Across the world, scientists have uncovered evidence for nine different causes. Some are in our biology – but most are in the way we are living today.

Mental health, depression & isolation affects at least one person in all our lives. Johanna Hari, a UK based best selling author and “20 million views TEDx-er” will have you understand it more, see it differently give you the gift to help yourself or someone close to you to navigate it more powerfully.