25 Jun 2024


8:00 am

EO Perth – Rapid Growth with Matthew Pollard

Today’s executives are confronted with new challenges that threaten their continued growth and survival. With increased competition, disruptive technologies, and tough economic climates, market share is dwindling and discounted acquisition is steadily on the rise.

Gain a full understanding of how to stay competitive in a constantly changing landscape, discover how to achieve sustained success in the face of smaller, more agile competition, and learn the three instantly-actionable strategies to immediately drive any corporation back to momentum and growth. This interactive half day workshop will focus on the following:

  • Introduce a strong culture of intrapreneurship and creativity across your organization. 
  • Uncover the secret to leveraging technology, psychology and strategy to skyrocket customer acquisitions, profits and brand loyalty, while drastically reducing sales cycles and marketing spend.
  • Truly set your brand and product/service apart from the competition.
  • Put an end to dwindling market share and discounted acquisition.
  • Discover how to cost-effectively engage new and excited to buy prospects.

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