Next Generation

Participation in the EO Next Gen Program is exclusive to the son’s and daughter’s of EO and YPO members.

  • The Next Gen Program is designed for Son’s and Daughter’s (18+ years) of EO that have a side hustle, want to start their own business or stepping into the family business

  • This program will provide them the essential foundations to set up their business for success

  • Each participant will receive tickets to the Scaling Up Workshops on Cash, Strategy, People and Execution run by a Verne Harnish facilitator. 

  • An Accountability Coach to support, mentor and hold them accountable to their action plan for 12 months + monthly group meetings (forum rules apply)

  • Access to a network of like-minded people and EO Members

  • Imagine if your sons or daughters were exposed to the foundations of EO? 

    The Next Gen Program is designed to empower and provide young entrepreneurs the tools and support to aggressively scale and master business best practice. This program will provide them with the knowledge and confidence to run their next venture or carry on the family business legacy.

    The Next Gen Program is a 12 month, intensive program, made up of pragmatic learnings via quarterly workshops, and monthly meetings with an EO Member as an Accountability Coach, holding participants accountable to their action plans between workshops, PLUS access to a network of like-minded people.

    The 12 month program includes over 88 hour’s worth of learning and is a small investment that provides ‘EO Class’ learnings throughout the entire year!