MyEO enables EO members to curate a tailor-made curriculum of groups and events. 

Connect instantly to other members who share your interests and passions.  Create, curate and champion initiatives that inspire you the most.  Enjoy unlimited, immediate interaction through our continuously growing number of groups and events.

What is MyEO ?

  • MyEO is a programme for Members, by Members
  • You can join a MyEO Group or Event OR Create your Own and invite other members.

What are the Benefits of MyEO ?

  • Connect  instantly to other members who share your interests and passions.
  • Create, curate and champion initiatives that inspire your the most.

MyEO Groups Explore over 500 MyEO Groups
A MyEO Group is a member-initiated group created by members, for members, around a specific interest, passion or industry. MyEO Groups can be local, regional or global. 

They’re made up of like-minded members who share information, experiences, best practices, and needs and leads. Members interact virtually or in person, depending on the group´s nature. When MyEO Groups hold in-person or virtual events, those must be registered as MyEO Events.

MyEO Events

  • Over 600 events are created annually by members, for members
    A MyEO Event is a member-initiated experience created by members, for members, around a specific topic or activity.
    Examples of past MyEO Events:
  • – Fireside chat: Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn and partner at Greylock
    – Big fishing at Miyakojima Island / – Biohacking with Ben Greenfield
    – Investing in Crypto Currencies – A to Z for First Timers.

My EO Premier Groups

Strategic member segment communities that align with EO Global Board priorities—namely Women of EO, Under 35, Families of EO, MyEO Engage and MyEO Industries—are cultivated to ensure EO prospers into the future

Women of EO

EO Perth event attendees

 A collaborative, diverse and supportive member community dedicated to enriching EO
through networking and learning opportunities geared toward women entrepreneurs.

Under 35

A group of people at EO Perth

 A strong international and intercultural member community of entrepreneurs age 35 and
younger, building an interconnected group to share tailored, once-in-a-lifetime experiences
and learning opportunities.

Families of EO


A member community focused on educating, engaging and empowering EO families, including spouses/life partners, couples and children, in the fabric of EO, creating a more powerful, holistic member experience

MyEO Deal Exchange

EO Perth Events

A community platform for you to grow your professional network by discussing and posting
exclusive deals, partnerships and financing opportunities to take advantage of the diversity
among member businesses.

MyEO Industries

Group sessions at EO Perth

 A hub bringing together members interested in specific industry verticals to develop relevant
connections, share market knowledge, tap into industry insights and network with peers to
advance global industries.

MyEO Matrix


This dynamic tool enables you to identify your personal and industry interests so that MyEO champions and other members can instantly send communications targeted toward the activities you are most passionate about.