EO Mentorship Program

The EO Mentorship Program connects and supports the EO community with a range of direct, meaningful opportunities to increase mutual growth.

My Mentor asks the right questions, making me think about my business and personal priorities in new ways.  Being able to go deep 1:1 with someone who has walked a similar path has provided me with much more clarity on big personal and business decisions.” 

Mentorship Program Member 20/21

The Mentorship Program runs for 12 months starting July each year.  You will be paired with a mentor/mentee before a half day training session where you will be provided with all the knowledge, tools and resources for your monthly, one hour catchups, as well as ongoing support from your Membership Chair.

“I’ve been a mentee for 2 years with 2 very different mentors. I have 2 business; one struggling and one growing and my mentors have given me new insights into how to help both businesses. The mentorship program has given me 2 new friends; we meet once a month for an hour to go over my problems and goals and to share our experiences. It’s been great to get to know these 2 amazing EOers and have them spend their precious time and knowledge with me. The mentors tell me it’s a great experience for them too!” 

Mentorship Program members 20/21

The mentorship program is open to Members and 2nd Year Accelerators of the EO Perth Chapter.

You will be notified on your match before the training date

Yes. If you wish to participate in the mentorship program, you must attend the training, no exceptions. The training is a crucial part of program’s success. At the training you will be provided with the knowledge, tools and resources for a successful and consistent partnership. Both Mentor and Mentee will walk out of the training, clear on their expectations.

We will endeavour to pair you up with a mentor who possesses your desired skills or experience, however we cannot guarantee this. If you are paired with a Mentor that is not what you are looking for, we ask that you trust the process and attend the training with them anyway. Mentor success does not rely on specific skill set or experience. Mentors will be provided with all the knowledge, tools and resources to help Mentees achieve their goals.

There may be some instances that we cannot find a mentor, however, we would like to encourage as many as possible to attend the training and will continue to find an appropriate Mentor or Mentee.

If any members and Accelerators in EO are thinking about the program for the future or would like to enhance their leadership/coaching skills then the training is only run once a year so it would be worth while attending.

No. We will endeavour to partner you based on requested criteria but the Mentorship training will provide Mentors with the required knowledge, tools and resources to help Mentees achieve their goals.

The Program is currently offered as part of your EO Perth Chapter membership.